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        FOTON Forland 6 wheels 4X2 Light Dumper Truck 5T Tipper Trucks

        No.: Angelia 10

        Vehicle Type: Mini Tipper Truck

        Brand Name: FOTON

        FOTON Trucks

        Person in charge: Angelia Sun

        Cel: +8615269249286

        Whatsapp: +8615269249286

        E-mail: sales16@chinatruck.cc



        Emission Standard Euro II

        Cabin Single row, tiltable/1695(mm)

        Whole vehicle main dimensions Overall dimensions (LxWxH)mm 5130&times;1960&times;2280

        Inner dimensions of the cargo body (LxWxH)mm 3310&times;1860&times;600

        Floor 3mm, Side &Back 2mm.

        Driving type 4&times;2

        Wheel base(mm) 2800

        Wheel track (front/rear)(mm) 1387/1500

        Weight data Curb weight(kg) 2980

        Rated payload(kg) 3700

        Max payload(kg) 5000

        Persons in cab(persons) 2

        Gross vehicle weight(kg) 6810

        Whole vehicle main performance Max. speed(km/h) &ge;75

        Max. slope of climb(%) &ge;30

        Engine Model QC490Q(DI)

        engine type 4 - cylinders, in-line, water-cooling, direct injection type diesel engine

        Displacement(L) 2.54

        Rated Power(kw) 45.6

        Gearbox Model 17D32F1

        Speed ratio Low gear:

        Ⅰ=6.802,Ⅱ=3.878,Ⅲ=2.267,Ⅳ=1.424,Ⅴ=1.000,R=6.154High gear:Ⅰ=12.699,Ⅱ=7.240,Ⅲ=4.232,Ⅳ=2.659,Ⅴ=1.867,R=11.490

        Clutch Type Diaphragm clutch,¢275

        Rear axle Type/Main reducer ratio 1068/6.167

        Steering gear recirculating ball type Brake system Service brake Hydraulic braking system Parking brake Central drum type Auxiliary brake /

        Tyre size 7.50-16 Jack Type

        Engineering project Electric device Rated voltage 24V

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