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        Contact Us

        Qingdao Seize The Future Automobile Sales Co., Ltd.

        Add: Ronghui Center Building, No. 199, Shandong Road, QINGDAO, CHINA

        Tel: +86-532-6608 7516

        Mobile: +86-176 6971 7518

        Contact person: Mr. Kevin Jiang

        E-mail: sales17@chinatruck.cc

        Free consultation

        President: Mr Windy Sui

        1.Engaging in truck business/industry for 20 years.
        2.The life-long goal to serve the world for China Automobile.
        3. The founder of the brand/Brand founder :
        KAILAI(www.topgoog.com, www.chinatruckparts.com)
        4.The founder of China Auto Parts Alliance.
        5.The vice president of Qingdao Chamber of Commerce
        6.The distinguished tutor for international College of Education of Qingdao University.

        Marketing Director: Mr Kevin Jiang

        Engaging in truck business for 10 years

        Trucks Sales Dep.

        Spare Parts Sales Dep

        If You Need Some Help, You can send a message to us.

        Free consultation